Tuesday, September 23, 2014

SATE Conference

SATE Conference 2008 - Best of the Experience Industry


Storytelling, Architecture, Technology, Experience - this conference is a must for anyone involved in experience design.

Explore from start to finish, the most successful approaches to the creation of storytelling, architecture, technology and experience design.
Bringing together everyone from initial concept through opening day:
Owner/Developer, Architect, Systems Integrator, Designer, Project developer, Storyteller, Economic/feasibility analyst,, Fabricator, Engineer, Project manager


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About SATE

SATE is a professional design conference presented by TEA annually since 2007. The mission of SATE is to stimulate dialog among the makers of compelling places and guest experiences, reaching across a broad range of creative disciplines and market sectors within the attractions industry. SATE provides an environment to share diverse ideas and concepts, to challenge and inspire, to learn about breakthrough projects, best practices and trends, and to discover collaborative opportunities. 

Get Involved

SATE is organized by a volunteer committee of TEA leaders in conjunction with TEA staff, and sponsored by various TEA member companies. Contact the TEA office if you would like to volunteer to help with the next SATE conference, provide sponsorship or otherwise participate.

Past SATE Conference Information

SATE '13 Savannah, GA

SATE '12 Paris

SATE '11 Orlando    

SATE '11 Europe

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